Breaking the ice

What to write in your first blog post? I thought about it a lot and decided to give some basic info about my hobbies (which are going to be the main subject of this blog) and me.

So, I am Mimi and I am knitaholic, sewaholic, craftoholic and a bookworm in one person. I’m in my twenties, still a student. I don’t consider myself expert in anything, and I created this blog to share with others my journey in the wonderful world of crafts. I appreciate very much both the constructive criticism and the pleasant chitchat, so feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Mostly I knit and sew for myself. I do so because I enjoy engaging in those activities and because I save money by making my clothes. Since I live in an European country where these activities are pretty uncommon amongst the young people (and in general), my possibilities are limited; there is a very few yarn and fabric shops, even those have quite poor offer compared to similar shops in more craftier countries. I can just dream about those fancy yarns (like Noro) other knitters use regularly. But on the other hand, both the yarn and the fabric is much much much  cheaper than elsewhere, and the quality is excellent. I like using natural materials, cotton, wool, silk – if I can find any, but for big sweaters, ponchos and similar garments I don’t mind using acrylic yarn either. My big heartache is that the citizens of my country has no access to paypal, so there’s no chance to order something on the net or to sell/buy designs on Ravelry (yes, you can find me there as TheKnitterInMimi).  That leads to another topic (boy, am I digressive!), I like to design and I do so very often (both knitting and sewing), my biggest problem related to it, is that I have way more ideas than time to realize them. I will offer some of my designs free here and on Ravelry (like the Lacy Tunic), but the most complicated ones, in which I put a lot of work, will store until I will be able to sell them.

My other hobbies are: making jewelry, decoupage, origami, making decorative boxes, decorating, gift wrapping, embroidery, and maybe some other things I can’t remember right now. You will read about them if you decide to visit my blog.





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4 responses to “Breaking the ice

  1. Eve

    Yup, you are a bit digressive. But dont worry, its quite fine 🙂 I d like to read more about gift wrapping. So when u have time… All the best!

    • I will try to make a post about it soon. I am very happy you wrote because I would like to make this blog as interactive as possible, so I appreciate very much the comments and will try to please everyone if possible.

  2. Congratulations on the new blog! And thank you for stopping by mine today. Keep on posting!

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