New project

A few days ago I went to a local yarn shop just to see what they got. And they had a bunch of new yarn, in incredibly beautiful colors. Although if I would be rich I would by half of the shop, I can’t loose touch with the reality, not even in a yarn shop, so I decided to buy 6 skeins from a very colorful yarn for a summer top. That’s 300 g, I am petite, should be enough.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s  50% cotton, 50% viscose, 145 meters/50 g, recommended needle size 2.5 mm.  Usually, during the school year, I avoid knitting on “skinny” needles because my free time is limited and I would get tired and frustrated from a project that barely progress. Besides, the winter here is very cold and therefore I need really warm garments. My last project, that I just bind off, was a winter shawl for a friend. I worked with 6.0 needles, and finished quite fast. Here’s a pic of that shawl, taken soon after the CO.

Well, it was strange using a “skinny” needle again. First I made 3 mini gauges, to determine which needle size suits me the best. I used 2.0 mm, the recommended 2.5 mm, and 3.0 mm. It turned out that the recommended size is the right one (in the middle), but the difference wasn’t so big.

After gauge making, thinking and doing the math, finally casted on. It took me sooo long to cast on that I started to have second toughs about this project. It’s not just time consuming, but the yarn is hard to work with in the beginning because it’s made from 2 strings (2 different textures), one longer and loosely twisted around another. So if I don’t hold it carefully enough, the longer and loosely twisted string straightens close to the needle and pile up 30 – 40 cm away, causing an annoying esthetic problem. Knitting with this yarn was very disappointing at the beginning, but now, 2 days later, I already learned to pay more attention to certain things and I do so without even thinking about it, so that problem is gone. The other problem is that I am not used to this “skinny” needle, my wrist is sore and I feel like no matter how much time I dedicate to knitting there is no progress. After 2 days I have 7.5 cm done, that’s just creepy! See for yourself:

and from the wrong side too:

What I like the most in this project is the color changing, I can’t decide whether I like more the right side:

or the wrong side:

And I figured out that I probably will need one more skein. Oh, what a joy, going back and praying there’s at least one more lonely skein of this yarn sitting on the shelf. And I almost fainted when I couldn’t find it and the vendor said that he don’t know anything about it, but if there is none on the shelf than it’s all gone. I was so desperate that I went to their other shop to see if there is any left. No luck. On my way back I saw that the lady who sold me this yarn is in the shop, so I went in again to ask her  if there is at least a tiny skein left, and if not will they have more later. And then it turned out that there was more but it was in the storage. I was so happy and relieved, and I learned the lesson once for all.




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