Change is an essential spice of the life. Sometimes we don’t have a choice, it just happens, but the most of the times it’s choosable. That’s how I got to start my newest project with top down construction technique, which I haven’t practiced much before. This technique allows the knitter to adjust the length of the knitted object (the top in my case) at the very end of the work. So there won’t be half skein leftover and me wishing that the top is few centimeters longer.
I got used to the needles and to the yarn, it’s quite mindless but not so fast knitting, however I am satisfied with it. Photo coming later.
I hope I can show you the finished garment soon. And I certainly will knit other stuffs too with “skinny” needles in the upcoming months.
The other “innovation” in my “knitting career” is that I will knit a Pi shawl for the first time. I am familiar with lace knitting, that part won’t be a challenge, but I don’t have much confidence in my blocking abilities, mostly because I don’t like to do it and I try to skip it if possible (the lace is wonderfully elastic fabric, so for example as a top it’s much better without blocking). Pi shawl is a kind of lace that has to be blocked period. I am not intimidated by it or anything like that, it’s just the lack of tools (no blocking wires here, most vendors at yarn shops don’t even know what is that…) and space that makes me not like it and skip it, and the skipping is that makes me feel that I lack serious experience in blocking that other knitters (in my opinion) most certainly has. If there wasn’t the brilliant Elizabeth Zimmermann, there wouldn’t be Pi shawls today. So I want to honor her with the choice for my first Pi: the 100th anniversary shawl, Gull Wings, design of mwaa knit, free Ravelry download. The color choice is one of my favorites, deep violet. The yarn is 100% mercendized cotton, 208 meters/50 g. Here is a sneek-peek at it:

I can’t wait to cast it on!


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