Gift wrapping – part 1

Well, I have lots of ideas, but it won’t be possible to put all of them in one post because of the amount of photos ( I think it’s the best way to explain the how to-s ).
But first a pic about the top-to-be:

So, here are few ideas how to wrap a small not heavy gift, like for example a jewelry, badge and similar stuff. I will use inexpensive materials, the light motive is staying duct tape free if possible.
You will need paper in color, color-changing double yarn that is used to embroidery or golden (or any other metallic glittering) thread, sewing needles, fishing-line (it doesn’t has to be dirty as mine 🙂 ), beads, ruler (not necessarily broken 🙂 ),pencil, eraser, scissors:

Cut the paper to get a piece of a needed size to wrap the gift and turn it in half like this:

Draw a line (on all 3 open sides) that will be 5 mm apart from the edge and draw little points alongside that line 5 mm (if you plan to use thread) / 1 cm (if you plan to use embroidery yarn) apart from each other, like this:

Take the biggest needle you have and make holes at the places you have drawn points. This is important to do because it allows you to erase the pencil marks.

Make a huge knot at the end of the yarn/thread that surely won’t pass throw the little hole on the paper. Pull the yarn/thread throw the paper so that the knot stays in the interior, close the paper and pull the yarn/thread throw the same hole again making a loop, pull the yarn/thread throw that loop twice in the same direction.

Make sure you pull the yarn/thread severely. Holding the yarn/thread like I do on the photo start stitching.

At the turning you use the same hole twice. This is the right time to put the present into the little bag you are making.

When you finish it should look like this:

When you have done the very last stitch, pull the yarn/thread once more throw the last hole making a loop, pull the yarn/thread throw that loop twice (making a knot) an pull it severely, cut the yarn/thread.

If this is too complicated for you, it also looks very nice if you are just pulling the needle with the yarn/thread throw the little holes from back to front (the part between my fingers):

To finish, you can decorate the gift by gluing dried rose petals (perfumed or not, it’s your choice) on it:




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2 responses to “Gift wrapping – part 1

  1. Congratulations on your blog! Looks like one I’ll be checking on. Hmmm. gift wrapping. I need bigger boxes than that! I don’t do jewelry (yet). And thanks for your comment on the Kauni. Another friend is running into the same problem, starting in different spots, with two strands in the SAME direction, yet one of them is using a lesser amount of yarn and one is catching up with the other… The cut is very tricky if you don’t want it to abruptly turn into another color.

    • Thaks! I like your blog too!
      I will write about bigger boxes later, like few weeks from now, the next post will show you one size adjustable wrapping technique.
      About the Kauni, have you tought about using a pattern that stops at the orange-orange / red-red part and starts again after, maybe like an object and his reflection in the mirror?

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