Gift wrapping – part 2

The past weekend I got (well, not enough, but) satisfyingly lot knitting time. Here are the before – after pics:

See how the colors got grouped after a while of knitting? I have no idea how that happened, because there was no change made after that little collarish part, just plain st st. Not even when starting a new skein, I attached it so that the color sequence stay the same. Now the grouping is broken by the increases, but I don’t mind. I decided the colors in this top will be as they want to be.

And now the gift wrapping. In this part I will show you how you can make a paper bag, which you probably already know, but maybe there is still some people who don’t.
So you will need the stuff that I mentioned in part 1. If you plan to make a bigger bag, that will be used to carry heavier gifts, then I recommend using hammer paper instead of normal and plastic pearls or sateen ribbon instead of little beads.
First choose a box that is a little bit bigger than the present you would like to put into the bag-in-progress. It can be any box you have at home, just look around you there is plenty of them (for example the ones you keep some kind of rarely used kitchen items in, shoe boxes, even a book is a can-go if there isn’t anything else). Make sure that you have a large enough paper and wrap it around it (not as severely as when wrapping a present).

Sharpen the edges and duct tape it:

Close the end that is closer to the box and glue it or duct tape it (it’s your choice):

Take the box out of the bag-to-be:

Flatten it, than push the new edged inside:

If necessary cut the almost-a-bag to the right size:

Making the handles from beads: make 2 little symmetric holes on both sides of the bag, cut off a long enough to be a handle fishing-line, make a huge knot on one end of it and pull it throw on of the holes so that the knot stays inside of the bag, put beads on the fishing-line, if yo think the handle is long enough pull the fishing-line throw the other hole in the opposite direction you did the first time and make a huge knot on it so that stays strong and in place.

Repeat the process on the other side of the bag. As I said before, if the bag is bigger you can make the handles this way but with bigger beads. Or you can make 2 big holes instead of 2 little, and instead of making 2 knots on the fishing-line knot the ends together so that you get a closed circle of beads (pay attention to the length because this way you need longer handles since part of it will stay on the inner side of the bag). If you are in rush, simply use sateen ribbons.

When you put the gift into the bag, to give a little extra to it you can put paper flowers on the top (this is an origami lily, very easy to make, if someone is interested I will explain):




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4 responses to “Gift wrapping – part 2

  1. That is such a darling bag. I wonder I’ll ever have my act together to make some! I do often decoupage those little boxes you can buy at craft stores.

  2. Great tutorial! That is such a good idea for a little gift bag!

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