What is wrong with me?!

I seriously started to wonder about myself and my incapacity to finish an object without putting it away for who-knows-how-long and starting something else. My top is almost done, almost because instead of making the final touch I started to knit a mitt (which should have been the next project, and I’m pretty sure that the world “next” is not a synonym of the world “simultaneous”). I tough that I can manage both, but as always the new project is much more interesting than the old. You want to hear something worse? I’m already thinking of casting on the Pi shawl… The only thing that holds me back is that I haven’t made the stitch markers yet.
Well, since the mitt knitted up so fast (till now I have done just the left one) and I really enjoyed it, I will cast on the right today and probably finish it in two days (because tomorrow I will be busy with other things, I don’t think I will knit)and after that there won’t be any excuse, I will finish that top no matter what.
Here’s a pic about the top, that is currently circa 90% done:

and here’s a pic about the left mitt before finishing the thumb:

I liked to knit this little mitt so much that I’m quite sure I will knit a few more pairs (maybe different ones). Mitt knitting is addictive.



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