Slow motion

This is how the mitts looks like right now:

The reason why I haven’t finished them yet is that I slept throw half of the day like a coma patient, and wasn’t quite as I used to be in the other half either. But I’m not the only one who feels slowed down all day, look at these poor things at our veranda, they haven’t moved all afternoon:

Few days ago I went into the city. Since I was already there I went into the LYS just to see what they got and I came out with this:

It’s 97% cotton and 3% lame. I must confess, I didn’t just saw it and couldn’t resist, I knew it was there, and at some dark part of my mind I was planning to buy it and thinking about possible projects for it while consciously I was thinking about not buying anything and going stash free. But now I’m really going to stick with my plan and only use yarns from my stash! (We’ll see! muhahaha – says the dark part of my brain)




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4 responses to “Slow motion

  1. Nice pictures! I enjoyed the mourning doves. I have a pair right outside my window, too. Good luck with using that stash!

  2. Thanks! I like these birds very much, they are so friendly.

  3. Seeing as there’s a heat wave in DC, I’m wondering if the birds are just looking for a cool spot! It’s been horrible here.

    Love the little mitts – so cute and cheerful.

    I only have 24 hours left on this trip, and I think it will be the first time that I haven’t bought yarn when visiting!

    • We felt like in the oven just till that day, and then the cold and the rain came suddenly.
      I’m sure I’m going to make a few more pairs like these, they are so comfortable and simple, and I also like how they look on my hands.
      Wow, you have a strong will! I wouldn’t resist the temptation of the big yarn shops. They make you feel guilty and happy in the same time.

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