Gift wrapping – part 3

To make this box

you need hard paper (mine is imprinted)

“sateen” ribbon

scissors, duct tape, glue, pencil, ruler.

This is the scheme that is needed to be drawn on the wrong side of the hard paper and cut out:

The measurements are given in centimeters and can be easily adjusted to get a bigger box. The base is the regular quadrangle in the middle, the sides of the box are the 4 quadrangles that surrounds the base and has the same measurements that the base. The two rectangles attached to the sides are the top of the box, and are exactly half size of the side.

Make all the necessary folds:

Mark the places where the sateen ribbon will be pulled throw and make a cut (I have 3 cuts 1 cm from each other, each cut is 1 cm wide because the ribbon is that wide too):

Cut 2 equal pieces of the ribbon (long enough to tie) and pull them throw those cuts like this:

Glue or duct tape the inner end of the ribbon:

Fold in and glue down the additional parts of the top:

To finish, glue the sides of the box together and tie the ribbon:



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