Gull wings

Not too much blogging went on here in the past week for various reasons (looking for new apartment, pure laziness, etc) but I started my very first Pi shawl and worked on it a lot. The shawls name is Gull Wings and is a free pattern on Ravelry. I’m knitting it from 100% cotton 208 m /50 g with 5 mm needles.
I was a little bit afraid of this project, but reading other bloggers’ posts about Pi shawls and seeing all those beautiful photos about their projects made me want to knit one (or more?). Now I am so happy that I cast on! The beginning (the first few rows) was challenging because I don’t have 5 mm wooden dpns just metal which are too heavy for this loose stitches and therefore hard to control. The other thing that bothered me is the loose looking stitches because I’m a tight knitter, but I got used to it very quickly. The pattern is very easy to memorise and pretty. It’s a mindless and calming knitting, ideal for first time Pi shawl knitters.

This is how the lace looks like:

And this is how much I have done till now:

Currently I’m starting the 9th row of the 576 sts section and until now used 2 skeins (416 m) of yarn. I have 4 more skeins, sometimes I think that’s plenty sometimes I freak out it won’t be enough (than speed up to find out as soon as possible).




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2 responses to “Gull wings

  1. Looks lovely! I’m sure you’ll have enough, if you are content to stop when you run out! LOL
    Keep up the good work, and good luck with apartment hunting.

    • :-))) That’s the Plan B, Plan A is to run to the yarn shop and buy more (if they have more of this yarn), because I would love to have a large shawl. In case this one doesn’t turn out to be large enough, I will have to knit one more Pi (probably from that dark red yarn I’m eyeing at the shop :-D)

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