My Pi shawl haven’t grew a lot since my last post and still looks like an Unidentified Knitted Object. I’m definitely not a fast knitter but I enjoy being a knitter and that’s what matters, right? It’s not a race after all. But still, it’s frustrating to see others finish 3 objects while I make only 1.
And now,I’m proudly presenting you my UKO (aka Pi shawl) in it’s current state:

Till this moment I have done 26,5 rows from the 576 st section and used 3 skeins.




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8 responses to “UKO

  1. Very pretty lace! And the color is wonderful.

  2. I didn’t think it was possible to find a pi shawl that is easy. They (including yours) look SO complicated. And boy, do they ever eat up the yarn! I’m not sure I could soldier on through a section of 576 rounds!

    • Well at this point rounds seems endless, but it’s in no way complicated. This is my very first Pi, and I was afraid to start one for a veeery long time because they looks complicated, but believe me they are not (at least not the patterns I find and read to choose from them).
      I know 3 facts for sure (because I read your blog):
      1) you knit socks, so you are familiar with knitting in rounds
      2)you knit lace, ergo you are experienced lace knitter
      3)being familiar with knitting in rounds and an experienced lace knitter makes you an ideal future Pi shawl knitter
      A few months ago I left a very similar comment to yours on Glenna C’s blog and she encouraged me to start a Pi because there’s nothing to fear off, and she was right and I’m soooo thankful to her she convinced me I can do it.
      About the yarn, for this particular Pi I’m going to use up 300 grams of 100% cotton, 208 meters (227,4 yards) / 50 gram (1.76 oz).
      Gull wings has in total 165 rounds, 576 is the number of stitches in the section I’m working on right now.

  3. That yarn is so beautiful!

    I completely agree with you on knitting not being a race, it’s definitely the journey that matters for me 🙂

  4. It’s gorgeous! I love that color.

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