Monday blues

Typical Monday, the time seems to be floating around me but in fact it goes by very quickly and I don’t get to do anything I wanted to do today.
The Pi is progressing slowly, I have 20 more rounds to do (including the bind off). Last night I started a new lace pattern and it slowed me down, but I hope I will memorize it soon.

Today I felt a little bit tired of lace, so I cast on the sleeve of that colorful top I have put to sleep before starting the Pi.

Two weeks ago I finished a tunic, but I always forget to take a photo, so I took one now (with my notebook’s camera, since that’s the only camera in the house right now), but I promise to post better pic soon.

Sorry for the crappy photos, it’s Monday-quality :-), but I guess it’s better than nothing…




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4 responses to “Monday blues

  1. Can’t wait to see another pic of the tunic, it looks great from the “teaser” photo!

  2. dey

    Me encantan tus creaciones, en verdad que padres!!

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