The Vanilla Tunic

I have sewed this tunic 2 (3?) weeks ago, but till now couldn’t get decent photos of it. It’s made from cotton fabric that had an embroidery. I have bought a piece that was 1.45 m (1.58 yard) wide and 1.20 m (1.31 yard) long. The embroidery was only at one margin at the length of the fabric and now it’s at the bottom of the tunic:

It’s quite long, if the bottom wouldn’t be see-through because of the embroidery it could be a mini dress. I wanted it this way because the embroidered part is quite wide and it needs an ever wider plain fabric next to it to look good:

The chest part is made based on a corset pattern of mine, but only in the font. For the back I used a rubber thread:

I tried very hard not to break the embroidery at the seam line, and to make that easier I only made one at the center of the back:

The pattern is 100% mine and it’s in the piece of cake category. I will upload it soon (it’s a relative term 🙂 )as a “free stuff”, so if someone likes it could sew it. Speaking of Free stuff, you can download the tutorial (pdf) for making this necklace:




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6 responses to “The Vanilla Tunic

  1. Your dress-making is very elegant and looks so simple! You have a great eye for fashion, and obviously know how to make flattering clothing for your body. Keep up the good work!

  2. That’s a gorgeous tunic! Love it.

  3. That is so summery and pretty, I love it! What a great seamstress you are 🙂

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