Blocking in progress

I managed to block my Pi! It wasn’t easy I must tell, there was a point where the Pi and me hated each other. Stretching a lace more than it wants to be stretched is hard work. From soaking to when the last pin was on it’s place passed 1.5 hours. First I cleaned the board and put it together on the balcony, then I put the shawl in warm water and with the help of my fiance stuck the pins into the board forming a regular circle. I’m so lucky he’s a civil engineer and easily could do all the calculations for me because seeing how long all that measuring takes I got pretty upset (like usually when things doesn’t happen as I imagined they would)and it would took me an eternity.

Here’s what happened after:

It looks so easy but it wasn’t. I’m a tight knitter and therefore my Pi turned out to be smaller than it should be. I haven’t even used up all the yarn I bought, in fact I used 140 m / 153 yards less than the estimated amount (by the designer). But I wanted to block the Pi to the same size the designer did…so I struggled, and struggled, and struggled till I did it. I felt so tired afterwords that I had to eat a bigger amount of fructose. My hands was shaking!

More pics:


Gull wings:



Round end:

As you can see I haven’t waved in the ends before blocking.

Was all that work worth it? Yes! Would I do it again? Yes! (but not this year :-))




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8 responses to “Blocking in progress

  1. Well worth it! It’s beautiful! Very difficult alone. Glad you had some good help… and he’ll appreciate it when he sees the finished product!

  2. It is really gorgeous! Love it.

  3. That’s am amazing piece of knitting! The blocking part looks quite a task! Well done you!

  4. That looks fantastic! You must’ve needed a lot of patience to block out all those points to perfectly. It was well worth it though, it’s wonderful 🙂

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