Shiny Citron

Having finished the Pi and not able to work on a cabled pattern (because have to study) yet, I was looking for a not too big and not too complicated project on which I could work to shake off the stress while preparing for my exams. I browsed my queue and found Citron by Hilary Smith Callis, a shawl that so many ravelers have knitted and queued and is so beautiful and easy (and FREE!) that the decision to choose it was made in the very same moment I clicked on it.
I had 2 skeins of shiny white cotton in my stash that I thought would be a good yarn for Citron:

I cast on last Monday:

And today I reached the middle of the fifth section and the end of the first skein:

Since I have 2 skeins and don’t like to store small amounts of leftover yarns that are not enough for a useful knitted item and probably won’t be used ever but wouldn’t throw anything away either, my Citron is going to be bigger than the original one. I think I might finish it this week.




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6 responses to “Shiny Citron

  1. Looks great, and you’re going so fast! Again, blocking will tell all.

  2. Love my citron. Although my daughter (age 5) totally stole it from me last winter.

  3. Pretty sparkles! I just made one myself, and I wore it to church last Sunday. It was just right to keep me warm in over-air conditioning 🙂 Beautiful work, and it’s a fun pattern, right?

  4. Thank you! Yes, it’s a fun and easy pattern, and knits up very fast too! When I saw it I couldn’t believe it’s free.
    I don’t know why it has to be so cold in churches, in summer a scarf/shawl helps, but in winter…

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