Recycled gauge & barbecue sticks

I’m living my very first sock knitting experience! And I’m loving it!
I was so exited when I bought this yarn because finally I have found a self patterning sock yarn and it’s not even expensive. But unfortunately it’s rare and the manufacturer (Teteks yarn) who supplies our market with many other pretty, good quality and not expensive yarns struggles with bankruptcy. I’m in a great temptation to go and buy a bunch of their yarn to supply myself and help them, but I guess it wouldn’t change their situation and I don’t need a bigger stash.
Back to the socks; I decided to knit them toe-up because I’m clueless about the amount of yarn needed for a sock and would like to avoid unpleasant surprises. I have two skeins and plan to use them up, we will see how it will turn out. If you have any advice please post it as a comment below, I would appreciate it very much.
Yesterday I made a gauge:

As you can see, I haven’t cut it off of the skein. Most of the time I leave the gauge attached to the skein and after taking measurements I frog it (sometimes measure how many meters of yarn used to knit that x cm2 fabric to calculate how much will I use for the entire project and make sure that there’s enough or that there won’t be too much leftover) so I could reuse it in the actual project.

And I did the provisional cast on too:

which wasn’t nearly as complicated as I expected.

Today I did the toe cup and a few more rounds. It wasn’t hard either.

Now I see how silly I was in the past when I kept telling myself that sock knitting is complicated and why would I have troubles knitting them when I can just buy them in the store.
Those bamboo needles you see on the photos are not real needles, I made them from barbecue sticks (sharpened the ends with nail file). I couldn’t find anything but metal dpns in the stores, bbq sticks are much cheaper than knitting needles (two package of 100 pieces cost as much as a set of dpns), and they are 2.75 mm (US size 2) that is impossible to find here (we have 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm,… but nothing in between). They work great as knitting needles.

One more pic:




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4 responses to “Recycled gauge & barbecue sticks

  1. Now THAT is the cleverest thing! Barbeque sticks… Unfortunately, I find it difficult to make them ever-so rounded and not dangerously pointy. If they are too sharp, they split the yarn. Your colors are great… and if you have 400m you’ll have enough for a pair. I like toe-up too so I can use up the ends, and/or make them a length that I like. 2.75 mm – Who knew?

    • Thank you! It wasn’t easy to sharpen them, I ruined a few sticks before I learned that the trick is doing it slowly and checking often, paper nail files are better for this purpose than metal because they are more gentle.
      I have 420 m, so I’m OK than 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m so impressed–first you MacGyver your own knitting needles, then you do a gauge swatch! The socks look great so far. And not scary at all! 🙂

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