I really hope it’s just bad luck

While knitting my very first pair of socks surprise comes after surprise and I’m not always happy about it.

First the good things:
-I found out that knitting a sock is easy and addictive
-I have bought two 50 g skeins because somehow it made sense that 1 skein = 1 sock (probably because most of the sock yarn I read about sells in circa 100 g skeins). But it seemed that I will never reach the end of the yarn, so first I decided that I will make long socks to use up all the yarn and was happy about it because I like my socks to be long. As I was knitting I realized that for a long pair of socks I would use up 1.5 skeins and I wouldn’t know what to do with the leftover. That made me change my plans again and that’s how I ended up with a knee high sock (and still didn’t used up the entire skein!).

Than the bad things:
– There’s a few short undyed sections, but I can live with that so I didn’t cut them out.

– There’s color contamination.

– I wanted the second sock to be just like the first one, so I cut off a few meters of yarn at the beginning to start with the same color. It seemed that the yarn is somewhat thicker but I thought that’s not possible. As it turned out it is possible and even visible. Thankfully it still fits.

– The colors of the second skein are lighter than those of the first skein (it is the same yarn, same colorway).
– The stripes in the second skein are longer than those in the first skein.

I’m quite disappointed but I hope it’s just bad luck and I will give this yarn one more chance. Have I decided to knit both socks from the same skein this problem wouldn’t come up.




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8 responses to “I really hope it’s just bad luck

  1. no bad news…. They are lovely! Handmade socks shouldn’t look identical, because they are hand made. We call them ‘fraternal twins’! No one but an expert knitter will notice. And an expert knitter will understand!! Congratulations on your first socks!!!

  2. They’re gorgeous! And congratulations on first socks! 🙂

  3. Bummer about the mismatched socks, but they’re still cute. And honestly, most of the time your feet won’t be close enough to tell anyway. 🙂

  4. These are your first socks — and you matched up the stripes? That is pretty amazing. I still go for wildly unmatched socks when I’m using self-striping yarn. Congrats!

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