Rainy days

The autumn has arrived, the rainy days had started, melancholy is in the town. But isn’t everything so bad and sad, my classes are keeping me busy and in my free time I manage to do enough knitting to feel good about myself. I have finished my One cable mitts and even knitted an ear warmer / head band from the leftover.

I like the yarn and purchased two more skeins for socks, one more from the same purplish and one variegated green:

It’s already finished, but didn’t took photos yet. To use up all the yarn and to prevent running out of it knitted the socks toe up and simultaneously.

Also finished with swatching for the Cabled poncho

cast on and managed to knit circa 8 cm, that is 13 %, so there is hope to finish it in time to wear it this autumn. Photos later, when there will be more to see.

Finally made some stitch markers, just need to buy rings to put them on:

I have so many ideas, it’s so hard not to cast on for more projects.




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6 responses to “Rainy days

  1. Wow. I’m so impressed with how much swatching you did for the poncho! That’s pretty impressive.

    • Thanks! I must confess I hate to swatch and check gauge and if there’s any way I tend not to. But this time I looked at swatching as little projects not as wasting time before the actual project, and really wanted to see how different cables looks with this yarn.

  2. I’ve just had a read of your last few posts – wow, you have been busy! I had to smile in commiseration at your thoughts about your stash. Don’t worry – I think many of us have yarns that we bought that we thought were amazing bargains at the time, and then decide we’ll never knit it. I have made a few donations to the charity bin of such yarn…

    I love your citron. It looks so pretty! I look forward to seeing your cabled poncho too!

    • Thank you!
      I really hope I can show that cabled poncho soon. Because I was thinking about knitting it for such a long time and couldn’t wait to wear it, it would be very disappointing if I wouldn’t be able to wear it because the winter arrives before I finish it.

  3. Love the stitch markers. And those mitts look so warm and cosy! You’ve certainly been busy 🙂

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