Why should one become a knitter/seamstress? :-)

This (past) week I worked on my cabled poncho (still no pic, not much to see) and finished something that I can’t show you because it will be a gift. So I decided that instead of writing about actual knitting/sewing I will post some reasons why should one become a knitter/seamstress.
As we all know knitting and sewing are fun, calming, useful activities. They allow us having nice cloths, unique wardrobe, lots of fun and making great friends. But since there’s so many people out there who doesn’t knit/sew I assumed this reasons are note enough for them and came up with 2 more:
1) If you are one of those people who have a fear of letting their limbs hang off the bed because a boogieman/monster/evil elf could dragg you under, fear no more! Once you become a knitter/seamstress/preferably both and your stash gets out of control (sooner than you can imagine) there wont be enough place left under you bed even for the tiniest elf to hide there.
2) Does it happens to you often that you look into your closet and say: “I don’t have anything to wear”? Well, it happens to everyone, but only knitters/seamstresses know the solution rigth away: “I shoul knit/sew more sweaters/vests/dresses/skirts/etc”. And believe me, they are happy about it.
If you have similar “serious” toughts please share with fellow reades, in this grey days we all need something to cheer us up.



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  1. Your first reason is brilliant. My stash is out of control, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve rediscovered “new” yarns under my bed 🙂 Need to stashdown!

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