No poncho for Mimi this year

It’s always so frustrating when life ruins my plans. I was hoping to knit and wear a poncho this autumn but I have so much to study and so much homework to do and it’s already mid-November, that’s not going to happen. Either this year is harder than the previous or I’m loosing my motivation and energy, however after doing my tasks very little or no time is left for knitting. It’s hard, it’s cruel, it’s life.
Here’s what I have done till now:

And here are the socks from the green variegated yarn:

I hope to have more to show next week.




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4 responses to “No poncho for Mimi this year

  1. Your socks turned out beautifully! Often the stripe isn’t the same, but your toes look gorgeous together!
    Sorry about not getting to knitting. You never know… that poncho may appear before the end of the year! Hopefully things will slow down mid-December. Very nice creamy color, too.

  2. Well you may not have a poncho but at least you’ve got nice woolen socks to keep your feet warm and cosy during winter 🙂

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