Holidays are coming…

… and I’m not ready, again. It always hits me, every year the same story, I plan to do so many things before the holidays and suddenly I realize that there’s not enough time left to make the cards and the gifts and the decoration and the bazillion other stuff I had on mind. So once again here we are almost at the end of November and I have no homemade postcards, clearly I will buy them and no matter how pretty and cute they will be it’s just not the same. In case you have the time and energy, you can download a pdf from “free stuff” section containing 12 winter holidays inspired cross stitch motifs that can be used for making postcards (by gluing them on a carton and covering with other carton that has a little “window” on it throw which is visible the little goblin / cross stitch) or other items depending on your taste. The first one is my favorite.
During the past week I have finished embroidering a table cover:

Obviously it needs a good ironing…
If someone would like I can upload this and a few other butterfly motifs for embroidery, just leave a comment saying that you are interested.
And I also bought a quite inexpensive 100% wool yarn for a hat:

If there will be more of this yarn in the store I will probably buy a bigger amount for a sweater or a vest after I’m done with the hat (or sooner if I can’t resist…).




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6 responses to “Holidays are coming…

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. Next year will be for cards. That table cover is amazing! You are so talented. Unfortunately the month of November doesn’t have 45 days.

  2. You are amazingly talented! I wish I could embroider like that. To receive a card with something so beautiful on the front would mean I’d never, ever throw it away. But, as you say, the year is nearly done, and I fear that you are right in that you are out of time. Never mind, there is always next year!

    If it makes you feel better, I don’t have time to do anything personal for my family this year. I have had to make a practical decision, even though it doesn’t feel so good.

    • Thanks a lot! It feels so good that people like my work!
      I’m pretty sure you could embroider like that or even better, the hardest thing about it is that it’s very time consuming. Lot of patience is needed and practice is crucial, that’s all.
      My family will also get presents from the store, this year is too busy for me.

  3. My jaw just dropped when I realized you had embroidered that yourself. Still recovering from the shock. Don’t people need some sort of superpower to make something like that? 😉
    You are indeed very talented!!!

    • Thanks! Well, I wouldn’t mind one particular superpower when embroidering; unhurtable fingers (the needle is really sharp…), but in reality all you need is patience, practice and a lots of time. Really, as I sad, it’s easy to learn and practice is the key. Since everybody likes it so much, it seems like a good idea to make a giveaway where the price would be sth embroidered, I will just have to finish something to give away…

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