Amalia hat

Currently I’m battling the flu and the time that goes away too quickly because I have to finish some projects before this semester ends. I finished the Amalia hat

and cast on one more pair of generic toe-up socks (you can’t make too much of that, right?) because right now I need mindless knitting.
I still haven’t figured out how I want my sweater to look like…
Sorry for the short post, I’m not in my best shape these days.




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8 responses to “Amalia hat

  1. Love that Amalia pattern! Glad to see you using it more than once.

  2. The Amalia pattern is so pretty. The cowl ad hat will look stunning together.

  3. Love the hat. And I totally understand the need for mindless knitting right now.

  4. Beautiful hat, it makes a great set with the cowl. Hope you’re feeling better now hun.

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