I think I need a vest

As I sat down to read the other day I noticed that my lower back isn’t well protected of the cold. That indicates two things, first I should pay more attention to my posture (bad posture uncovers the lower back) and second I need a garment that keeps my back warm. Then I realized that I don’t have vests (except the one that is lace, but that one won’t solve my problem) and that tying sweaters / pullovers around my waist isn’t the right thing to do (I do that a lot, especially when studying because after an hour or two I unknowingly bend over and uncover my lower back). I have no idea why haven’t I knitted a vest before, it’s just as fun as knitting a sweater but without the boring sleeve-knitting. The question is, with so many things on my needles do I need one more wip? I’m afraid it’s too late to pose that question, since I already managed to buy the yarn…

I wasn’t planning to buy a yarn like this, I imagined a bulky blueish yarn but when I saw how enormously big this skein is and that fusia color, I couldn’t resist. And the fact the buying yarn is the only knitting related thing I had time to do this week wasn’t helping me to resist. There’s something irresistible in huge skeins:

I’m thinking about doing a provisional cast on at the waistline and knitting first the upper part, than making the rest and possibly using up all the yarn. Maybe I will insert short rows to make the back longer than the front.

I barely have done any knitting this week, worked a bit on the second Chilly podster but realized that I’m making two left mitts and have to rip back several rounds. At that point I could only take a deep breath and put it away to be fixed later. I’m normally patient, but this week was just too hectic and I decided to believe that this was a sign to concentrate more on my studies instead of knitting (even through I prefer knitting).




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7 responses to “I think I need a vest

  1. Look! January is almost gone! Where did it go? Good luck with your vest. Very pretty color. And you are NOT the first person to make two lefts. I think it’s a ritual that all knitters have to endure.

    • I’m wondering about that too. Once again, I have overestimated my time and possibilities, because the half of the things I planned to do clearly won’t be done. Typical January, isn’t it?
      We knitters are lucky that frogging exist and noone can tell 🙂

  2. Wow, what an huge ball! I like your idea of doing a provisional cast-on and then knitting down. I think vests are very useful. I’m sure you’ll use yours a lot.

    • Yes it’s huge, that’s why I could’t resist. Here most of the yarn is sold in 50 g skeins, the good part is that we don’t have to wind it, but it’s really annoying that we have to tye knots so often. Besides that, there might be few knots in the skein… So I expect a very joyful knotless vest knitting with this skein 🙂

  3. You’re right, there is something really fun about giant balls of yarn! I once cast on for a vest (years ago) but never made it past the shoulders. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

  4. I love love LOVE that color. A vest in that beautiful raspberry pink will be gorgeous. I’ve thought about trying a vest, seeing as I’ve been so unsuccessful with sweaters.

  5. Yay for vests! I never thought of myself as a vest person until my mum found a nice dark green cable one in a charity shop. It was years ago but it is still one of the things I take out of the closet every winter, it is so easy to wear and practical!

    And it should be good fun making yours out of a giant ball, less fiddly finishing to do 🙂

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