Sometimes wishes don’t come true at first try

I my last post I showed you the yarn I bought to knit a vest from it. I imagined starting it at the waist line, and after making the little holes for the sateen ribbon that would serve as a belt I also imagined incorporating this into the back:

The draw is made based on this:

I thought doing so with simply alternating knit and purl stitches; the darker sts would be p on the right side and k on the wrong side. I even naively thought that it would look good on both sides. But sadly that wasn’t the case. After 10 cms / 4 inc done it wasn’t even close to what I dreamt about:

At this point I don’t see any other option, except to frog it. The pattern I made will be used some other time, probably for double knit (time to learn that too). I’m not giving up on the vest either, I plan to do it with top down construction possibly with a wide cable placed vertically on the back. As for the time lost, it did served me for something; now I know that the contrast created by alternating knit and purl stitches is not sharp enough to make complicated forms look good as they do in my mind. It should have been obvious that it won’t work, but everybody is entitled to make a few mistakes here and there.

PS:Second try so far so good.




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2 responses to “Sometimes wishes don’t come true at first try

  1. A double knit will really be nice. Not that difficult either!

  2. Oh, what a shame! I like to think that it’s not a mistake if you’ve learned from it though 🙂

    I adore your chart, it’s stunning! It’ll look gorgeous in colourwork or double knitting.

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