Living under the snow

Yesterday I came back from a friend (one of those great spontaneous pizza nights) and took a look at the thermometer next to the entrance door, it was -19 C (-2.2 F)! And it’s been like that in the past week or so. No wonder I knitted up the vest in such a short time. What else can be done in free time except “indoor sports” like knitting?
Partly because of the color of the yarn, partly because of my mood, I was listening Edith Piaf’s La vie en rose while knitting (by the way, she was a knitter herself) and decided to name my newest creation Edith vest since I didn’t had any better – as a matter of fact any other – idea.

This is one of those piece o’ cake knits, meant to be simple and warm. The wide cable on the back has two functions; it’s decorative and since the fabric is twice as thick there it’s also a great thermal insulation alongside the spine (which is the most sensitive part of the back). At the waist line I made a series of little holes where I will put a sateen ribbon (that I know I have but can’t find at the moment, that’s why it’s replaced temporarily with waist yarn…).
I have used a top down construction method and provisional cast on to achieve my goal and make a seamless piece. I intend to write up the pattern and offer it as a free Ravelry download as soon as I have time to do so, and of course after I managed to find the ribbon and make better pics.

Here’s a pic that shows better all the details, but the color is totally off because of the light:

I have used up approximately 350 m of 20% wool 80% synthetic aran. The yarn isn’t bad but it isn’t that good either. Well, it’s highly synthetic… What I enjoyed the most is the experience if the knot free knitting with a seemingly endless yarn in such a nice color. What I liked the least is the static electricity in my hair.




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6 responses to “Living under the snow

  1. Your original idea may not have turned out, but you’ve done a super job on the next version! Sometimes, ideas we have in our head do need a little modification upon turning into reality… (me thinking of my v.1 cadeau). I think that the design you like could also work if you did it in cabling. I hope you get lots of wear from your vest. BTW, have you ever thought of ordering from Drops? They are European, and very reasonably priced. It just seems an awful pity to me that in a world where these days everything is available through the postman/internet that you have to be restricted in your yarn choices. 😉

    • Thanks! I thought about cabling as an option, it’s worth to give it a shot.
      Yes I’m eyeing Drops quite some time now, I plan to try to order from them, I just need to find a way to do that without paypal. My problem with shopping online is that it’s hard without pp and unfortunately in my country we can’t have it (hopefully that will change in the near future).

  2. Very smart design! I really love the cable in the back, adds interest to the knitting AND keep your back extra warm, win win all over. You must be very happy and proud to have your self-designed vest to keep you nice and cozy with those temperatures. Looking forward to the pattern!

  3. The vest is just gorgeous. I’m a bit intimidated by those cables!
    I agree that writing a pattern seems harder than knitting. I hope yours turns out well.

    • Thanks! You shouldn’t be afraid of those cables, it only seems complicated but actually it’s a fun knitting. The pattern will be free, so if you want you can easily try to knit those cables, not necessarily as part of the vest (in my opinion it would make a great scarf with 10-10 sts of 1/1 rib on both sides).

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