Spring break before spring

Long time no see. I have no good excuse, except maybe the spring laziness. I really don’t know what was I doing all that time.
Currently I’m working on a cardigan that I named Cablemania. Because knitting related all I could think of was cables and more cables, I had to cast on something with cables. Therefore I designed Cablemania. I’m knitting with 100% wool DK in light grey, the yarn that I bought from St George a few months ago. Tina VW is a pleasure to work with and I will certainly buy more of this yarn in the future.
First I imagined a seamless cardi, but after sketching that version, changed my mind and opted for a little work with the tapestry needle instead. Since I liked the top down construction so much when I knitted my Edith vest, I’m using it again. It has so many advantages.
To prevent laying this cardi around unfinished (read sleeveless) for a long time as it already happened / happening with other projects, this time I started with the sleeves. For the very same reason the next thing I knitted was the belt.
The sleeves are knitted with dpns for two reasons; not having to saw it saves time and a few meters of yarn (every knitter knows how important that can be) and it was a great opportunity to buy 4 mm dpns. I like dpns better than working with two cable needles or with the magic loop when knitting in round.
In the past two weeks my stash became just a little bit bigger. First my fiancé gave me this yarn and a bottle of delicious dessert wine for Valentines day:

I was so touched when I imagined him going to the yarn shop and trying to figure out what would I like. He chose one of my favorite colors and a yarn that I was planning to try. Thank you M!
Since a while I would like to learn double knitting and I thought that a colorful headband would be a good start. I knew that St George has color changing yarns (Catania) and solid colors (Tango) in the same weight, so I went to their store. I imagined how nice would a beige / sand colored solid look next to color changing (possibly bluish) yarn. But in the shop I saw this little skein with every possible color in it. I thought that even if it’s wilder than the one I originally wanted, it still can be “cooled down” with the beige solid. Just to be sure, I asked the lady that works at the shop what she thinks of mixing Catania with Tango. “I don’t know, let’s see how it looks next to each other” and before I could ask for a beige she took the one that was the closest to her. It was pink, a color that would never occur to me to pick for this project. I was amazed how good those skeins looked next to each other.

So I decided to risk it. It might turn out great or it might be a disaster. Either way I have nothing to lose, if I don’t like something knitted up I can always frog it.




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3 responses to “Spring break before spring

  1. Such pretty colours! It’s always good to experiment. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your projects!

  2. Nice to see you back!

    Lovely gift from your fiance 🙂 You’ve reminded me of a double knit hat that I’ve had in progress for well over a year! I’ll have to dig it out and finish it up one of these days.

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