If I keep indulging myself like this

I won’t fit into this by the time it’s finished…

This is my wip, the Cablemania cardi. What you see on the pic is circa 1/3 of the chart, one repetition has 152 rows (well, actually just 76 because the other 76 is mirroring the first). It sounds a bit crazy, but in reality it’s quite simple. I decided not to put cables on the front just on the bottom of the sleeves, on the back and on the bottom of the body, because in my experience all over cable cardigans and sweaters don’t look as good on me as in my imagination (read: they make me look chubby, I have no waist line in them). I won’t put pockets either because I rarely use them, I know how cute they can look but I’m a purse fanatic and always have at least one with me. Maybe next time. There won’t be buttons / zipper, just a belt.
As usually, I was afraid of running out of yarn until I reached a point where it was clear that my calculation was correct. What a relieve! This time I didn’t aloud myself to buy an extra skein because my stash already has too much of those just-to-be-sure-I-don’t-run-out-of-yarn leftover skeins.
I can’t wait to wear this cardi!




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3 responses to “Cablemania

  1. The sweater is looking great! I know what you mean about cables and chubbiness.

  2. That is beautiful! I think you’ve made really good adaptations to the pattern – it will look good, without the ‘chunky’ effect (which I know well!).

    Your dessert looks quite scrumptious… 🙂

  3. Oh that cake looks absolutely delicious! I’m hungry now 🙂

    And gorgeous cardi! I love the cables on the cuffs.

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