Le Lys dans la vallée

It all started out like this:

Well, actually it started with buying the yarn, but that action of mine isn’t photographed 🙂 When I saw the royal blue color of this lace yarn I knew immediately that I want a lace shawl with lilies. It’s a no name 33 wpi yarn with a color that I couldn’t resist. I had to give it a try.
Cast on last week and the shawl grew quite fast (I could’t put it down…). I wrote the pattern as I knitted; wrote up a section than knit it, wrote up the next and so on. This is how I usually do, and it works out most of the time. I do know what I want from the very beginning, I just prefer to do the math and work on the details as I go. Two days ago I got suspicious, it looked like the shawl is going to be larger than I expected. Measuring, calculating. Yup, it’s not good. Every reasonable person would have stopped knitting, but not me. I kept knitting and hoping for a miracle or I don’t know what. Now the denial is over, it’s evident that I have to rip back and throw out more than 20 rows from the pattern and redo the last 34 rows. Why did I kept knitting when I knew it was wrong??? Believe me, I’m wondering about that too.
At the moment the shawl looks like this:

It’s a half Pi knitted on 4 mm needles with the yarn held double. I decided to hold the yarn double because I want to have a good use of this shawl, plan to wear it with more or less casual outfits. In my opinion a lace shawl knit from cobweb type yarn is too delicate and elegant for everyday use. One of the lace motifs is a heavily modified version of something I found in a stitch dictionary, the rest is a result of my imagination ( except that I converted that widely known lily symbol into a lace pattern, I know it’s not an original idea – but again, I worked on it). I don’t know if I did a good job or not – blocking will tell – but I’m hoping and still not regretting being lazy to swatch. I know I might end up with learning a lesson instead of having a lace shawl, I just feel it’s worth the risk (not a big fan of swatching).




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4 responses to “Le Lys dans la vallée

  1. That’s the great thing about knitting: it’s not a waste of time! If something isn’t produced it’s a learning experience! I know, been there! That color around your neck is going to be beautiful. Love the lilies.

  2. All that and no picture? I’m dying to see this creation. I am totally amazed by people who can make up patterns. I don’t think I’ll ever have that deep an understanding of lace. As for knitting on when we know we should stop and rip — denial is more than a river in Egypt!

    • Oh, thanks! I want to post a picture when it’s entirely done, I’m curious too because at this point I still don’t know what to expect. I might end up with a decent shawl or a fiasco. Making up patterns is one of those things that sounds complicated but in reality it’s easy once you cracked the code, especially lace.

  3. Ooh, good luck with that. I hate that sinking feeling that you’re going to run out of yarn on a project.

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