Blocking in progress

I finished my lace shawl a week ago, but I was lacking either time or space or both to block it till now. I’m so glad I throw out a section because even this way it turned out to bee huge. Unblocked it measured 125 cm / 49.21 inches in width and 65 cm / 25.59 inches in length. Currently it’s blocking – but even after pinning it out not severely stretched – and measures 164 x 82 cm / 64.56 x 32.28 inches. I’m not particularly happy neither with the size, neither with the lace motifs, it’s a far cry from the image I had in my head. Still, it’s not bad enough to be ripped and forgotten either.

Have a nice week end!




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6 responses to “Blocking in progress

  1. That’s really gorgeous!

  2. I am confused! You aren’t in love with this detailed, exquisite shawl? You are way to hard on yourself. This is a masterpiece!

    • Thanks! My self confidence is back again.
      It’s just not how I imagined this shawl; the section in the middle is too dark and doesn’t looks like a closed flower, the secton below is too stretched out, the lily symbol is a bit too large.

  3. Wow! It’s beautiful! A little exquisite something to throw around your neck.
    Very nice, and your very own. You can be proud of yourself!

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