In the meantime…

I took a pause from internet for two weeks in order to study more, and now I’m happy to announce that I have officially accomplished B1 from Portuguese language. And while there was no posting I haven’t neglected knitting; in fact I have two FOs and one almost finished wip.
The 1001 colors headband:

I really like how the colors are arranged, since it’s a yarn with very short color changes I wasn’t expecting to see any order in the fabric. I have used St George Catania Color cotton yarn, the one I originally wanted to use for double knitting. It’s soooo soft and pretty, gives a good stitch definition and did I mentioned how soft it is? I know many knitters don’t like to knit with cotton, I’m one of those rare ones who love it. I agree that it’s heavy, makes my wrists hurt, but still I
love it. This is why I’m glad summer is here and I can knit with cotton again.
My other FO, the Just another summer top is soaking right now, I will hopefully post a photo of it soon.
Instead here’s one more pic of Le Lys dans la vallée shawl:

I would like to try to find two test knitters, one who would knit it in lace weight and one who would knit a bit modified version in fingering. Since I haven’t done this before I have some doubts, is it OK to search for test knitters if I plan to offer the pattern for free? What do you think?




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4 responses to “In the meantime…

  1. I can’t even attempt to answer your question, don’t know a thing about test knitters. However, your Le Lys dans la vallée shawl is gorgeous in BLUE!
    Who doesn’t love lilies, anywho.

  2. Congratulations on the Portuguese. That shawl is really amazing!

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