Two and counting

First I would like to share my joy with you; I won a contest!!! Last week I came across this awesome blog: and read about the Junebug Days: Fuchsia Week ( a contest one could enter with sending a pic of a handcrafted fuchsia colored object). Well as you know, I just happened to finish a cosmetic bag in that color, so I sent a photo of it. And I won!!! I’m so happy!
Last time I told you about my plans to sew some dresses and tops. Since then till now I made two maxi dresses (the second one still needs a few touches, but it’s in wearable condition).
For this one:

I have used a 150 x 150 cm piece of cotton jersey fabric. I like this fabric for summer maxi dresses because it’s very easy to maintain (no ironing required) and feels good next to the skin. It’s elasticity makes it a very comfortable wear for non-extreme outdoor activities. Although these aren’t my colors, I bought the fabric because I liked the print and knew it’s a good choice for a maxi dress. Besides, I think that one should never be afraid to try something new (if it’s not dangerous).
I made the pattern, and as soon as I have time, I’ll write it up and offer as a free download in the “free stuff” section of my blog.
In order to make the print more visible, hid the extra fabric in the back.

In the chest area I used a rubber thread to make the dress figure hugging. Since the fabric is elastic, didn’t wanted to bother with making the straps myself (it’s possible, but why to put in all that effort if not necessary?), so I used these brownish fake leather straps instead.

The other dress

is made from a peach colored embroidered fabric (just realized that’s not visible on the photo, next time I’ll take pictures that shows the embroidery at the bottom of the dress). I have used a 220 x 150 cm cotton fabric, a hidden zipper and a decorative ribbon to make this dress. It’s very wide and and light, nice to wear.

In other news, I’ll spend the first half of July in France to take language classes. I will be quite busy while there and most probably won’t be able to post anything. But I promise to write about my trip afterwards.

PS: The Bare Necessities is a free Ravelry download.




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8 responses to “Two and counting

  1. So pretty! I think the printed dress looks really lovely on you. And the peach coloured dress is so delicate and summery! I hope you get lots of wear from both of them. Have fun in your language classes. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on winning the contest!
    The printed dress is great – I love this style. I’ll probably make one for myself once you upload the pattern. It’s very generous to offer it to us, thanks for that.
    Have fun in France! Hopefully the weather will be better by then…

  3. Those dresses are just beautiful. You have a flair for fashion design.
    Have a wonderful time in France!

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