Latest works gallery

I’m in such a hurry lately with my exams and trying to find a job, so forgive me for not posting for such a long period of time. Finally decided to only post pics of my latest works, thinking thet it’s better than not posting at all.
One hat:

made from Phildar Flamme 12,

two cowls:

two pairs of mitts:

Fetching by Cheryl Niamath

multiple earring:

a necklace:

four phone cosies:

three coffee cosies:

a scrunchie:

and a brooche:

That’s all folks!

Happy crafting!




Filed under Crochet, Jewelry, Knitting

9 responses to “Latest works gallery

  1. Now that is a lot of FO’s. Congrats on such an impressive spread!

  2. caityrosey

    Really like that hat

  3. These are great – especially like the rose scrunchie! =D

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy!

    Those earring are just beautiful, and I love the hat in the first pic! The thick & thin yarn works so well!

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