Lately I haven’t posted much. The reason is that there’s not much to show. I’m working on a crochet blanket that makes me miserable. It’s basically a huge granny square, a more than simple but big project. I started it in august and it was fun to work on it. I enjoyed having an easy and fast growing item, but as it progressed I started to get somewhat bored (who wouldn’t, it a granny square…) so I turned to small projects for instant gratification. I continued having mixed feelings about the blanket, but small projects helped for a while. By now, I have reached a faze that I don’t know will I be able to enjoy that blanket once it’s finished. You see, a row is longer than 6 meters and it takes me way more that an hour to crochet a row. I feel that no matter how hard I work, there’s no progress. Knitting on a plain vanilla sock – after I crochet for an hour or two – feels as exciting as a roller coaster ride . There’s “only” 5 more rows to go, but I’m drowning in the frustration that keeps building up. Can a crafter hate a project?
From my latest little projects I only managed to take a decent photo of this little purple hand warmer from St George Tina Superwash (DK):

It’s 48 sts in 2/2 rib, 52 rounds.
I also made two cowls, one is just garter stitch, the other has a lace motive (I find bulky lace cute). Currently working on a pair of sock that will keep my always icy feet warm in my beloved flip flops (no matter how cold it is, I rarely wear anything but a flip flop while home). If this pair shows practical, I’ll knit more of it.
Maybe I’ll try to knit Ugg style boots from bulky 80% wool 20% nylon yarn this winter, to see how I like wearing those at home. Any idea how to make the bottom more durable?

PS: speaking of instant gratification, I find my kitchen also quite sooting lately 🙂




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5 responses to “Balancing

  1. i know!! BUT — only 5 rows? You can do it! Truthfully, I have to admit that I’ve had a blanket in my queue for several months…(since February) and I’ve hesitated starting because… how will I finish? It isn’t for me, so I will happily give it away, but starting! By the way, the pattern I have picked out doesn’t start in the middle, so EVERY row will be equally long… But FIVE rows? You can do it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I have several projects looking at me balefully that are just like that. When the guilt builds up too much, I find I need to do something that takes my mind off the project, and I go on auto-pilot, like watch a good movie. and before you know it, it’s finished!

  3. Lena

    About reinforcing soles… I stopped making socks because they never lasted more than a season. Why put effort in making nice things if they’r not gonna last… at least ten years (sorry, just kidding… some). By the way: I hate mending. I have managed to not pick up this super easy tip until last year, but have done it ever since and it works. You know, you can teach old dogs to sit. No more suspence: Fabric glue, liquid latex or some other glue-stuff that leaves a rubbery surface. You paint it on the soles and let it dry. I know, this is mainly for not slipping but it comes with a bonus: durability. The glue on the first socks i tried it on has somewhat worn off, so i will have to reinforce them but NO HOLES. My bony feet manages to make holes even in felted slippers. For super-durable slippers i would over-felt some knitted/crocheted fabric, cut out soles, reinforce with glue and attach either as the ‘main’ sole or as a double layer on an already existing sole.

    • These are excellent ideas! I like the over felted double soles, that would surely made the slippers warmer too. I have no felting experience yet, so this would be a great experiment and I would learn how to felt without ruining a garment. Thanks a lot!

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