The Stockholm Scarf

I started to work on the Stockholm Scarf from knittedblissJC back in March and I finally finished it last month. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern, in fact I liked it enough to knit it again, I just put knitting aside this summer. When the autumn kicked in, my mojo came back.
At first I read the pattern and decided to knit in round. The 6.00 mm needle seemed strange, after all, it’s a winter garment. I always use either 3.5 or 4 mm needles for DK yarns. Yet I decided to follow the instructions. Cast on 252 sts (to eliminate the extra ribbing) and started working as the pattern described.

1st lesson: I should listen to my gut and pick the needle size that sounds reasonable TO ME.

2nd lesson: Think before act. The pattern gives instruction for knitting flat, it just mentions the possibility of knitting the scarf in round.

The 2nd attempt was a succes. Using 4 mm needle cast on 266 sts. To get stronger vertical lines between pattern repetitions, I twisted the stitches that constitutes the 1/1 rib.



What I like the most about it, is that it’s reversible, it looks exactly the same on both sides. In the beginning I took it everywhere with me, the pattern was so easy to memorize that I could work on it even in, let’s say, less than ideal circumstances, like when riding a bus. I was a little sad when this scarf outgrew my purse (which isn’t small by the way).

I noticed that as the weather get worse, I tend to bake more. Right now I enjoy this Gugelhupf:P1150825

How are you fighting off the weather-blues?




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3 responses to “The Stockholm Scarf

  1. I love the way the twisted stitches turned out. And thanks for the comments. I’ve wanted to knit this forever, but wasn’t sure whether to do it flat or in the round. Now I know!
    P.S. What yarn did you use?

    • I used a locally made yarn, St George Tina Superwash DK. But I think any DK is OK for this project, worsted and aran would also look good. I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, after I figured out how to knit it in round. There’s more details on that on my project page, if you are interested.

  2. Phyllo

    Love the twisted stitches! I’m knitting in the round too and had to tear it out as I made the same error. I’m using a self striping yarn though. The plain yearn looks much better. Highlights the pattern well.

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