I am Mimi and I am knitaholic, sewaholic, craftoholic and a bookworm in one person. I’m in my twenties, still a student. I don’t consider myself expert in anything, and I created this blog to share with others my journey in the wonderful world of crafts. I appreciate very much both the constructive criticism and the pleasant chitchat, so feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.
Mostly I knit and sew for myself. I do so because I enjoy engaging in those activities and because I save money by making my clothes. Since I live in an European country where these activities are pretty uncommon amongst the young people (and in general), my possibilities are limited; there is a very few yarn and fabric shops, even those have quite poor offer compared to similar shops in more craftier countries. I can just dream about those fancy yarns (like Noro) other knitters use regularly. I prefer using natural materials, cotton, wool, silk. I like to design and I do so very often (both knitting and sewing), my biggest problem related to it, is that I have way more ideas than time to realize them. I will offer some of my designs free here and on Ravelry (as TheKnitterInMimi).
My other hobbies are: making jewelry, decoupage, origami, making decorative boxes, decorating, gift wrapping, embroidery, and maybe some other things I can’t remember right now. You will read about them if you decide to visit my blog.
Please note that everything that I write here, the photos, and all the original patterns that I post on this blog are my property, the property of Mimi. You can not reproduce any of the previously said content elsewhere without express permission. I kindly ask you not to reproduce any of my intellectual properties on your own site unless you have asked me first and I agreed.


2 responses to “About

  1. Your knitting is very impressive in general! I can tell you make sure all the details are performed correctly, and your pieces are very creative. Good work!

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