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I have a feeling…

that it’s going to be a good year…
But first, let me wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I wish you all the best, good health, lots of fun, lots of knitting time, and that your dreams come true.
I had so much fun since Christmas, and I feel so positive. So many good things happened; I met friends that I haven’t seen in a while, I have finally finished the socks:

the first FO of the year, yay!

the Chilly Podsters are knitting up so fast:

and when I have put the pattern of the Amalia cowl and hat on Ravelry (it’s free) so many knitters liked and downloaded it (I was overjoyed):

I can’t wait to see them knitted by others!




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Edges that keep curling up

My father had a dark green pullover with a color work that I liked very much. He told me that it was knitted by an elderly relative of his, named Amalia, who died before I was born. I never seen a photo of hers, but few family members told me that my eyes are the exact shade of blue like Amalia’s, that’s why I remember her name and the fact that she made that pullover. Fortunately I had copied the color work motif with the intention of using it one day. Two weeks ago I bought a nude yarn for a hat, than had a second thought and went back to the store to buy one more skein of nude and one of a peachy orange color so that I could knit a cowl and a hat with a color work motif of the above mentioned pullover. That’s the story of the Amalia cowl.
Because I don’t have 3.5 mm dpns and my other cable needle is occupied, since I’m not a big fan of the magic loop technique decided to work flat. The color work part was a bit harder this way, but I still would have enjoyed it if the bottom edge (knitted in garter stitch) wouldn’t kept curling up and annoying me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the garter stitch is supposed to prevent this problem. First I thought that blocking will correct it, than as I kept knitting and the bottom kept curling up I became very skeptical about the possibility of solving this problem with blocking. At that point I thought that when I finish the cowl I could rip just the garter stitch part and pick up the sts the same way when unzipping a provisional cast on and re-knit the bottom in 2/2 rib. Imagine the unpleasant surprise when I was binding off and I found out that the 2/2 rib curls back too. I was shocked, I still can’t believe it’s possible. The cowl is in so bad shape right now that I wont even bother with describing it, better see it for yourselves:

I posted a question on Ravelry hoping to find out what went wrong and how can I fix it, but only one person left an answer saying that probably the 100% wool yarn is to blame and that blocking will help but I will have to re-block it after every washing.
What do you think, what went wrong, what should I do?



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