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Waves and shells

I’m a type of person who lives during summers and vegetates between them. Maybe I wouldn’t cherish summer this much if I would live somewhere else, for example in one of the Mediterranean countries, but since where I live we have 4 seasons (and I only like spring and summer) half of the year is like a punishment for me. So now that the autumn is here I desperately try to catch every last flash of the summer and enjoy in them as much I can. That’s why when I saw this little beads in the store I didn’t just saw beads; I saw sea, water, waves, shells, summer, vacation… I knew immediately what will they become. That’s the story of this necklace that I named Waves and shells:

The (empty) photo frame is also made by me a few years ago with the intention to put in it a pic of us from our vacation and put it on the wall to cheer me up every time I feel blue in the winter, but when I finished it I had to realize that it would be too much (even for me) and would look kitschy, so now it’s empty but looks OK on the shelve.



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