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Off my needles – part 1

My Cablemania cardigan is finished! It feels like it took me forever to knit, probably because I was impatient.
I’m surprised by it’s length because I expected it to be shorter (I kept imagine myself running out of yarn), but I’m happy it turned out this way. Once again it’s proved; I am not good at guessing the amount of yarn needed for a garment. I’m happy I chose the top down construction, I managed to use up all my yarn (700 g , 1540 m / 1684 y).

When I was taking this pics I didn’t realized that because the blouse underneath shows some cleavage it will appear that I have nothing but the cardigan on my upper body. The yarn (St George Tina VW) is so soft and not itchy at all that the fabric created from it feels very good next to the skin. I will certainly knit more with it in the future.
In the past I rarely used kitchener stitch, in fact I tried to avoid it. When I was looking at the photo tutorial explaining this technique I understood how it works, on videos it seemed easy, but in practice it was whole another story. I struggled a lot, the embroidery needle kept splitting the yarn often and I even managed to twist some stitches. So I gave up and avoided the kitchener stitch for many years. Finally I decided to use it in this project because I wanted the cabled part of the sleeve to be without a seaming line therefore 3 needle bind off wasn’t an option. Luckily for me this time I put the stitches on waist yarn. I was amazed how easy the kitchenering is! Even with cables, I only had to turn work a couple of times to have the knit stitches facing me, and that was it. I’m ashamed that I didn’t tried harder the first time, now I see that my problem were the needles (I left the stitches on the needles and I couldn’t see well what I was doing) and the lack of will power.
I plan to write up this pattern till it’s still “fresh”, maybe I can sell it one day.




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