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Auntie in progress

Hi all! It’s been a looooong time no see… Well here I am back, with a bunch of unblogged subjects. I find it most convenient to share my latest works, which would be baby items for a little boy who is due at the end of this month. I found it hard to choose a gift for him because I wanted it to be a knitted one, and since he’s going to be a summer baby, my options were limited. You see, the baby items I find the cutest are mostly made of bulky yarn, like these little booties I made earlier for someone else’s baby:
Chaussons Mignons by Pruline

The summers are really warm and long here, especially the last few. Knitted tops, vests, jackets and such aren’t needed, not even if they are made from fingering weight cotton (and I am unwilling to knit with any lighter weight cotton). I have no time to make a little blanket, although that would be nice and I would love to do that. Maybe later.
After browsing patterns for months, and learning that newborns need hats even in summertime (as they are unable to maintain body temperature), I decided to make two hats accompanied by matching baby booties suitable for someone who just entered this world. But I liked Chaussons Mignons too much to let it go, so I reached for my calculator and modified the pattern in order to make some from fingering and heavy DK yarn. The result:



I’m happy with what I got, but I must say that I still think the bulky one is cuter. Since it’s a very simple pattern, it wasn’t hard to make the modification. In fact, I spent more time thinking what color to go with. It’s so much easier to knit for baby girls! You can read the details on my projet pages, both for the Fingering weight and the Heavy DK weight Chaussons

For the hats I have chosen two wonderful patterns, the Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington and the Otis Baby Hat by Joy Boath



I can sincerely recommend both. For the Swirl Hat I followed the instructions for the 4 – 12 month size, used slightly bigger needle and tried to keep my gauge relaxed (knowing that I’m a tight-knitter, especially when knitting with dpns). Ended up with a tiny newborn size 🙂 The pattern is amaizing, well written with very clear instructions and a perfect crown shaping. I’m very picky when it comes to decreases, but in this case I can only applaud the designer, the shaping is perfect and the pattern isn’t ruined either. The pattern is very easy to memorize and can be made in any size/with any yarn weight, by adjusting the number of stitches (it has to be multiple of 8). Great project for keeping yourself entertained while traveling or commuting.
For the Otis Baby Hat I can say pretty much the same; it’s beautiful and easy with perfect decreases. Once again I used a size larger needles, and the yarn (in my opinion) is at least heavy DK, if not worsted. Of course I got a newborn sized hat…

Let me show you the decreases on these hats, from different angle:



You see why I am gushing about it?

The third hat I made (oh yes, there’s one more) is an improvisation that turned out well, it’s a basic blue cotton hat with a something little extra. It’s bigger than the other two and hopefully will fit the baby’s head during autumn.



I hope that the parents and the baby will like my gift.




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Strong heart in Paris

Last week I took my newly finished Strong heart mitts on a trip. And I’m glad I did, it did great job keeping my hands warm in the rainy Paris.

I really enjoyed knitting these and decided to make a matching slouchy beret too. Cast on before departure, knit a lot on the bus, finished in Paris just in time to wear it while there:

I must admit, I was too lazy to check my gauge for the mitts, but they turned out just fine. The only modification is that I made seven instead of eight repetitions of the chart, so I have shorter cuffs, but since I’m petite it’s enough for me. I can sincerely recommend this pattern, it’s easy to understand and follow even if English isn’t your first language and the cable will most certainly keep you entertained. What I liked about it the most is the unusual thumb gusset. Thank you Kiwiyarns for sharing your design with us!
Now I’m thinking about a matching cowl…
Have a nice weekend!



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Latest works gallery

I’m in such a hurry lately with my exams and trying to find a job, so forgive me for not posting for such a long period of time. Finally decided to only post pics of my latest works, thinking thet it’s better than not posting at all.
One hat:

made from Phildar Flamme 12,

two cowls:

two pairs of mitts:

Fetching by Cheryl Niamath

multiple earring:

a necklace:

four phone cosies:

three coffee cosies:

a scrunchie:

and a brooche:

That’s all folks!

Happy crafting!



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The week of big projects

I started this week with a big spaghetti sauce project, 15 portions of spaghetti sauce made at once for the winter to come.

It contains 15 kg of tomatoes (peeled…), 5 kg of onions (my eyes wont ever forget this), 2 kg of bell peppers, 1 kg of carrots, 90 cloves of garlic, 300 g of olives, 3 squashes and spices.
The blanket is growing slowly:

It measures 110 x 110 cm (44 x 44 in), and it’s quite frustrating that it takes ages to finish a round (4.4 m long at this point). I see why crafters prefer to make bazillion little granny squares and put them together. The other inconvenience is having a huge pile of fabric to deal with, and since it’s 40 C outside the blanket would make me pass out if I wouldn’t keep it on a table instead on my lap. This solution also helps me keep a good posture, since I tend to bend over my work.
I still don’t know how will it look like when finished, the color changes are improvised and depends on the amount of yarn I own in particular colors. Until now I have done 12 round of blue, [1 round variegated, 1 round blue] x 5, 1 round of white, 1 round of blue, 1 round of white, 12 rounds of blue, [1 round of white, 1 round of blue] x 2, 7 rounds of white. I plan to make 5 more rounds of white before the next color change.
The third big project is a vest knit from the biggest ball of yarn I ever owned:

It will be a heavily modified version of the Concordia Scarf by Sandra Dauven
We’ll see how that works out.
In other news, I seem to be the only target of all mosquitos living in the area, it drives me crazy.



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Little accessories and big plans

Not so much knitting went on here during the past week, luckily for me accessories are fast knits therefore I can share with you some FO picks. On the other hand, I did a lot of sewing. Since I was mostly customizing store-bought garments, that kind of doesn’t count (after all, I’m blogging about crafts and not about repairing).
What I have to show you today is a little collection called Bare Necessities:

It’s made from 3 items, the biggest (20.5 x 5.5 x 10 cm) is a bag meant to store my body butter, face cream, sunscreen and such things on my upcoming trip. It’s made from 100% cotton yarn (that I really enjoyed working with), on the inner side it’s covered with pure cotton fabric. I have used a set of 5 2.75mm dpns to knit it.

The smallest (11 x 8.5 cm) item is a wallet for coins, made from a cotton – rayon blend on 3 mm circulars with magic loop. The front is one wide cable of 48 sts, the back is plain stockinette. This is my first project with magic loop. I found it easy and will most certainly use it a lot in future projects. It seems to me, that I can knit faster with the magic loop than with dpns. My fear from having uneven stitches where the loop is made was completely irrational, in fact it’s even easier to maintain an even tension than when knitting with dpns. In the pick the wallet is still lacking the zipper due to my laziness (it’s so hot out there, I don’t feel like going to the store right now).

A few months ago I saw these knitted flowers: http://creatinglaura.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/little-knitted-flowers/ and I immediately knew that I want to knit them. The link will lead you to a lovely blog with lots of creative ideas and detailed, easy to follow tutorials written by a nice figure skater / knitter named Laura. Finally, I incorporated a bit modified version of those cute flowers into my newest design to get a 3D knitted cosmetic bag (12.5 x 2 x 8.5 cm). I started with 9 sts instead of 3, used dpns to knit it round instead of straight needles to knit flat, doubled the number of sts in every second row starting from R3 and bind off in R9.

In other news, I’m close to finish a maxi dress and have pulled out some fabrics from my stash:

I’m planning to sew two more dresses and two tops before I cast on for the next knitting project, we’ll see am I able to manage that.



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Off my needles – part 1

My Cablemania cardigan is finished! It feels like it took me forever to knit, probably because I was impatient.
I’m surprised by it’s length because I expected it to be shorter (I kept imagine myself running out of yarn), but I’m happy it turned out this way. Once again it’s proved; I am not good at guessing the amount of yarn needed for a garment. I’m happy I chose the top down construction, I managed to use up all my yarn (700 g , 1540 m / 1684 y).

When I was taking this pics I didn’t realized that because the blouse underneath shows some cleavage it will appear that I have nothing but the cardigan on my upper body. The yarn (St George Tina VW) is so soft and not itchy at all that the fabric created from it feels very good next to the skin. I will certainly knit more with it in the future.
In the past I rarely used kitchener stitch, in fact I tried to avoid it. When I was looking at the photo tutorial explaining this technique I understood how it works, on videos it seemed easy, but in practice it was whole another story. I struggled a lot, the embroidery needle kept splitting the yarn often and I even managed to twist some stitches. So I gave up and avoided the kitchener stitch for many years. Finally I decided to use it in this project because I wanted the cabled part of the sleeve to be without a seaming line therefore 3 needle bind off wasn’t an option. Luckily for me this time I put the stitches on waist yarn. I was amazed how easy the kitchenering is! Even with cables, I only had to turn work a couple of times to have the knit stitches facing me, and that was it. I’m ashamed that I didn’t tried harder the first time, now I see that my problem were the needles (I left the stitches on the needles and I couldn’t see well what I was doing) and the lack of will power.
I plan to write up this pattern till it’s still “fresh”, maybe I can sell it one day.



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Spring break before spring

Long time no see. I have no good excuse, except maybe the spring laziness. I really don’t know what was I doing all that time.
Currently I’m working on a cardigan that I named Cablemania. Because knitting related all I could think of was cables and more cables, I had to cast on something with cables. Therefore I designed Cablemania. I’m knitting with 100% wool DK in light grey, the yarn that I bought from St George a few months ago. Tina VW is a pleasure to work with and I will certainly buy more of this yarn in the future.
First I imagined a seamless cardi, but after sketching that version, changed my mind and opted for a little work with the tapestry needle instead. Since I liked the top down construction so much when I knitted my Edith vest, I’m using it again. It has so many advantages.
To prevent laying this cardi around unfinished (read sleeveless) for a long time as it already happened / happening with other projects, this time I started with the sleeves. For the very same reason the next thing I knitted was the belt.
The sleeves are knitted with dpns for two reasons; not having to saw it saves time and a few meters of yarn (every knitter knows how important that can be) and it was a great opportunity to buy 4 mm dpns. I like dpns better than working with two cable needles or with the magic loop when knitting in round.
In the past two weeks my stash became just a little bit bigger. First my fiancé gave me this yarn and a bottle of delicious dessert wine for Valentines day:

I was so touched when I imagined him going to the yarn shop and trying to figure out what would I like. He chose one of my favorite colors and a yarn that I was planning to try. Thank you M!
Since a while I would like to learn double knitting and I thought that a colorful headband would be a good start. I knew that St George has color changing yarns (Catania) and solid colors (Tango) in the same weight, so I went to their store. I imagined how nice would a beige / sand colored solid look next to color changing (possibly bluish) yarn. But in the shop I saw this little skein with every possible color in it. I thought that even if it’s wilder than the one I originally wanted, it still can be “cooled down” with the beige solid. Just to be sure, I asked the lady that works at the shop what she thinks of mixing Catania with Tango. “I don’t know, let’s see how it looks next to each other” and before I could ask for a beige she took the one that was the closest to her. It was pink, a color that would never occur to me to pick for this project. I was amazed how good those skeins looked next to each other.

So I decided to risk it. It might turn out great or it might be a disaster. Either way I have nothing to lose, if I don’t like something knitted up I can always frog it.



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