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My Chilly

The good thing about having more than one wip is that at one point you will have a shower of FOs. Last week I finally finished my badly needed Chilly Podsters. I started to wear them immediately and I’m very satisfied with these gloves/mitts. It was easy to knit, also fast, I like how they look, and most importantly they keep my hands warm even on minus. They even got a compliment in the bus from a nice stranger.

I have made two changes in the pattern. Somehow I managed to misunderstand the instructions and did the increase for the thumb on the inner side of the glove. Since the “damage” was already done when I realized that my glove doesn’t looks like the one on the photo in the pattern, and since it’s not relevant because the end result is the same, I just decided not to rip back and made the other glove the same way:

The other change is the Podster thumb. I was simply too lazy to do it as the pattern indicated, instead bind off 9 sts in one row and cast on the same number of sts in the next:

It’s not as pretty as Glenna’s but it works for me.




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