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Double knitting

I wanted to learn double knitting for quite some time now, but somehow I always kept postponing it. Now that I have the yarn for it and know what would like to make, no excuses are left. I anxiously casted on and knitted a few rows without any problem (thanks to the previously seen tutorials). Baby steps. Tried the pattern, still no problem. But I’m so annoyingly slow! It’s unbelievable, it takes forever to finish a row.
This little thing is the swatch-wannabe:

At this point I was able to see that I like the pattern so it got frogged because it’s obviously screaming for smaller needles. I’ll try with 2.5 mm instead of 3.0 mm, hopefully that will make it look better. If I start now, it will be finished by this time next year:-)
There’s no new pic of the cardi I’m working on, but there’s a good chance that you might see it finished in my next post. Right now I’m 40 rows shy from finishing the body, after that I plan to pick up stitches alongside the front and the neckline and knit the collar probably in 4/4 rib.
I should start working on my Cabled Poncho in the near future, I haven’t touched it since December. I’m afraid that if I don’t finish it soon enough to wear it this spring, it will lay around unfinished till autumn because summertime won’t motivate me to knit a poncho. Now this made me think of my other UFOs hidden in my closed… Arrrgh, I really should work on my will power.



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