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Holidays are coming…

… and I’m not ready, again. It always hits me, every year the same story, I plan to do so many things before the holidays and suddenly I realize that there’s not enough time left to make the cards and the gifts and the decoration and the bazillion other stuff I had on mind. So once again here we are almost at the end of November and I have no homemade postcards, clearly I will buy them and no matter how pretty and cute they will be it’s just not the same. In case you have the time and energy, you can download a pdf from “free stuff” section containing 12 winter holidays inspired cross stitch motifs that can be used for making postcards (by gluing them on a carton and covering with other carton that has a little “window” on it throw which is visible the little goblin / cross stitch) or other items depending on your taste. The first one is my favorite.
During the past week I have finished embroidering a table cover:

Obviously it needs a good ironing…
If someone would like I can upload this and a few other butterfly motifs for embroidery, just leave a comment saying that you are interested.
And I also bought a quite inexpensive 100% wool yarn for a hat:

If there will be more of this yarn in the store I will probably buy a bigger amount for a sweater or a vest after I’m done with the hat (or sooner if I can’t resist…).




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