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The Stockholm Scarf

I started to work on the Stockholm Scarf from knittedblissJC back in March and I finally finished it last month. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern, in fact I liked it enough to knit it again, I just put knitting aside this summer. When the autumn kicked in, my mojo came back.
At first I read the pattern and decided to knit in round. The 6.00 mm needle seemed strange, after all, it’s a winter garment. I always use either 3.5 or 4 mm needles for DK yarns. Yet I decided to follow the instructions. Cast on 252 sts (to eliminate the extra ribbing) and started working as the pattern described.

1st lesson: I should listen to my gut and pick the needle size that sounds reasonable TO ME.

2nd lesson: Think before act. The pattern gives instruction for knitting flat, it just mentions the possibility of knitting the scarf in round.

The 2nd attempt was a succes. Using 4 mm needle cast on 266 sts. To get stronger vertical lines between pattern repetitions, I twisted the stitches that constitutes the 1/1 rib.



What I like the most about it, is that it’s reversible, it looks exactly the same on both sides. In the beginning I took it everywhere with me, the pattern was so easy to memorize that I could work on it even in, let’s say, less than ideal circumstances, like when riding a bus. I was a little sad when this scarf outgrew my purse (which isn’t small by the way).

I noticed that as the weather get worse, I tend to bake more. Right now I enjoy this Gugelhupf:P1150825

How are you fighting off the weather-blues?




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