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Fwd: Jacques Cousteau Hat related giveaway

Lalla Pohjanpalo, the designer of the well known and afore mentioned hat, had a very interesting idea (the following is from her blog ):

I’ve been honoured and happily surprised of the Cousteau hat’s popularity. It’s been part of the charity campaigns ex. in New Zealand after the terrible fires. It’s been knitted in all the continents. Lots of divers have got their own and mostly it has been the hat of the male special someones. It wasn’t the original intention because knits for men is a truly challenging territory. After all I’m very happy with the surprising result.
The only right way to celebrate this unexpected success of the Jacques Cousteau hat is to create a Jacques Cousteau photo album. I think the simplest way to do it, is to collect all those pictures in the blog’s Facebook wall. If you don’t feel like do it on Facebook, please email me (punaisensydamentorppa(at)gamail.com) your Jacques Cousteau hat photo. If you feel like telling your hats story, even better. All the variations are welcome too, but please, share with us what is different. I’ll gather a mystery present and will arrange a give away for all the posted photos. I don’t want to exclude those who doesn’t knit, so you can choose the mystery gift or custom made Jacques Cousteau hat. If you don’t have Cousteau Hat photo, you can just comment this post and share this give away in your own blog or Facebook page. Let’s see how many hats we manage to get to this Jacques Cousteau Hat photo album.

How To

1) Post your Jacques Cousteau Hat picture on this blog’s Facebook wall or email it to me (punaisensydamentorppa(at)gmail.com). Variations are welcome too, but please mention about it. If you have a story tell about your hat, you are welcome to share that too.

2) If you haven’t knitted JC hat or anything else, you are still welcome take part in the custom made Jacques Cousteau Hat give away. Comment the Jacques Cousteau Hat Celebration post and share this give away in your blog or Facebook wall.

3) You have one month more. This ends the 30 November.

Feel free to take the button with you!

(edit: 29.10.2013)

I have already sent her 3 photos, and it made my day seeing those posted on her Facebook.

PS: I havent knitted a lot this summer, and somehow lost my mojo for writing too. However, once a knitter always a knitter. I will pick up just where I left one of this days.




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