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Lately I haven’t posted much. The reason is that there’s not much to show. I’m working on a crochet blanket that makes me miserable. It’s basically a huge granny square, a more than simple but big project. I started it in august and it was fun to work on it. I enjoyed having an easy and fast growing item, but as it progressed I started to get somewhat bored (who wouldn’t, it a granny square…) so I turned to small projects for instant gratification. I continued having mixed feelings about the blanket, but small projects helped for a while. By now, I have reached a faze that I don’t know will I be able to enjoy that blanket once it’s finished. You see, a row is longer than 6 meters and it takes me way more that an hour to crochet a row. I feel that no matter how hard I work, there’s no progress. Knitting on a plain vanilla sock – after I crochet for an hour or two – feels as exciting as a roller coaster ride . There’s “only” 5 more rows to go, but I’m drowning in the frustration that keeps building up. Can a crafter hate a project?
From my latest little projects I only managed to take a decent photo of this little purple hand warmer from St George Tina Superwash (DK):

It’s 48 sts in 2/2 rib, 52 rounds.
I also made two cowls, one is just garter stitch, the other has a lace motive (I find bulky lace cute). Currently working on a pair of sock that will keep my always icy feet warm in my beloved flip flops (no matter how cold it is, I rarely wear anything but a flip flop while home). If this pair shows practical, I’ll knit more of it.
Maybe I’ll try to knit Ugg style boots from bulky 80% wool 20% nylon yarn this winter, to see how I like wearing those at home. Any idea how to make the bottom more durable?

PS: speaking of instant gratification, I find my kitchen also quite sooting lately 🙂




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