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Make a wish

Hello everybody! Long time no see… I just realized, that months have passed since my last post 😮
I have so much to show you. I have a year old cardi that I haven’t wrote about yet!


It’s the Make a Wish from Joji Locatelli. I’m a big fan of Joji’s work, she designes gorgeous cardis in amaizing size range. This particular took my breath away. I might make one more in another color.


According to the designer: “This is a circularly shaped cardigan, with lace details in the edgings and back. This flattering little sweater is worked seamlessly in one piece, with top-down set in sleeves.”


I was in between two sizes and my gauge was a bit off. Since I prefer well fitted garments, I opted for the smaller size.
After finishing the body, I tried it on and it already looked good on me, even without the sleeves. Used up a bit less than 250 grams for the body alone. It would be possible to make a west in the smallest size from 250g of yarn, meaning body+back+ribbing on the armholes, maybe even a belt.
Started the sleeves as the pattern indicated, but wasn’t comfortable with the entire body sitting on my lap. Every time I had to move it, the yarn got tangled up into that big piece of fabric. The 1/1 rib cuff isn’t my thing either, so I decided to knit the sleeves differently and from bottom up. I also incorporated the lace motif into the cuff. After the sleeve cap was done, picked up stitches on the armhole and grafted the sleeve in place.
I’m very pleased with the result, the cardigan was fun to knit and makes a nice addition to my wardrobe. The shape is very flattering. If you are looking for a cardigan/sweater/hoodie pattern, you might want to check out Joji Locatelli’s Ravelry store, her other designs are beautiful as well. I noticed that none of her work is a “yarn eater”, yet every single one is pretty and feminine, and that’s a big plus in my eyes. So far I have bought two patterns of hers, and both was well worth the prize; she obviously puts a lots of effort both into designing and pattern writing.




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