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Happy holidays!

This year I started making holiday presents quite early, and managed to get them off from my to-do list in November! I still can’t believe I did it, it’s so not me. Last year my partner was standing next to me fully dressed, shaved and perfumed, ready to go to the celebration, while I was finishing the last hat. Now, that’s more like me 🙂 For you I have prepared three simple little patterns, a hat and two lace headbands. All of them can be made in very short time.

The Janus hat is a beginner friendly, easy to knit two faced (hence the name) winter hat. It makes a very good last minute gift, as it takes only few hours to knit. Since it has two right sides, the chances that the reciever will like it are doubled. For the best outcome, use a yarn without knots.

To knit this hat you have to know or learn the following technics: cast on, knit, purl, purl two together, knit two together, slip a stitch purlwise with yarn in back, knit through the back loop.

Sizes: XS – S – M – L – XL – XXL (head circumference 53 – 55- 57 – 59 – 61 – 63 cm/ 21 – 22 – 22.8 – 23.6 – 24.4 – 25.2 inc)



Lace headband #1 & #2

To execute this pattern you need to know (or be ready to learn 🙂 ) the following technics: chain, single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch (joining ends), picot (chain+slip stitch).

The pattern includes a scheme with a little list of symbols, and the full instructions written out.

You will need a small amount of cotton lace yarn (any kind) and a 1.3 mm crochet hook, a small piece of rubber band (circa 10 cm).

Since you will be adapting the pattern to the size needed, gauge is irrelevant.







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Make a wish

Hello everybody! Long time no see… I just realized, that months have passed since my last post 😮
I have so much to show you. I have a year old cardi that I haven’t wrote about yet!


It’s the Make a Wish from Joji Locatelli. I’m a big fan of Joji’s work, she designes gorgeous cardis in amaizing size range. This particular took my breath away. I might make one more in another color.


According to the designer: “This is a circularly shaped cardigan, with lace details in the edgings and back. This flattering little sweater is worked seamlessly in one piece, with top-down set in sleeves.”


I was in between two sizes and my gauge was a bit off. Since I prefer well fitted garments, I opted for the smaller size.
After finishing the body, I tried it on and it already looked good on me, even without the sleeves. Used up a bit less than 250 grams for the body alone. It would be possible to make a west in the smallest size from 250g of yarn, meaning body+back+ribbing on the armholes, maybe even a belt.
Started the sleeves as the pattern indicated, but wasn’t comfortable with the entire body sitting on my lap. Every time I had to move it, the yarn got tangled up into that big piece of fabric. The 1/1 rib cuff isn’t my thing either, so I decided to knit the sleeves differently and from bottom up. I also incorporated the lace motif into the cuff. After the sleeve cap was done, picked up stitches on the armhole and grafted the sleeve in place.
I’m very pleased with the result, the cardigan was fun to knit and makes a nice addition to my wardrobe. The shape is very flattering. If you are looking for a cardigan/sweater/hoodie pattern, you might want to check out Joji Locatelli’s Ravelry store, her other designs are beautiful as well. I noticed that none of her work is a “yarn eater”, yet every single one is pretty and feminine, and that’s a big plus in my eyes. So far I have bought two patterns of hers, and both was well worth the prize; she obviously puts a lots of effort both into designing and pattern writing.



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Blocking in progress

I finished my lace shawl a week ago, but I was lacking either time or space or both to block it till now. I’m so glad I throw out a section because even this way it turned out to bee huge. Unblocked it measured 125 cm / 49.21 inches in width and 65 cm / 25.59 inches in length. Currently it’s blocking – but even after pinning it out not severely stretched – and measures 164 x 82 cm / 64.56 x 32.28 inches. I’m not particularly happy neither with the size, neither with the lace motifs, it’s a far cry from the image I had in my head. Still, it’s not bad enough to be ripped and forgotten either.

Have a nice week end!



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Le Lys dans la vallée

It all started out like this:

Well, actually it started with buying the yarn, but that action of mine isn’t photographed 🙂 When I saw the royal blue color of this lace yarn I knew immediately that I want a lace shawl with lilies. It’s a no name 33 wpi yarn with a color that I couldn’t resist. I had to give it a try.
Cast on last week and the shawl grew quite fast (I could’t put it down…). I wrote the pattern as I knitted; wrote up a section than knit it, wrote up the next and so on. This is how I usually do, and it works out most of the time. I do know what I want from the very beginning, I just prefer to do the math and work on the details as I go. Two days ago I got suspicious, it looked like the shawl is going to be larger than I expected. Measuring, calculating. Yup, it’s not good. Every reasonable person would have stopped knitting, but not me. I kept knitting and hoping for a miracle or I don’t know what. Now the denial is over, it’s evident that I have to rip back and throw out more than 20 rows from the pattern and redo the last 34 rows. Why did I kept knitting when I knew it was wrong??? Believe me, I’m wondering about that too.
At the moment the shawl looks like this:

It’s a half Pi knitted on 4 mm needles with the yarn held double. I decided to hold the yarn double because I want to have a good use of this shawl, plan to wear it with more or less casual outfits. In my opinion a lace shawl knit from cobweb type yarn is too delicate and elegant for everyday use. One of the lace motifs is a heavily modified version of something I found in a stitch dictionary, the rest is a result of my imagination ( except that I converted that widely known lily symbol into a lace pattern, I know it’s not an original idea – but again, I worked on it). I don’t know if I did a good job or not – blocking will tell – but I’m hoping and still not regretting being lazy to swatch. I know I might end up with learning a lesson instead of having a lace shawl, I just feel it’s worth the risk (not a big fan of swatching).



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