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Just another summer top

It took me really long time to knit this one, mostly because of the pauses. My principal goal was to have a beige / eggshell / nude top, according to that I chose the yarn. Usually it’s the other way around; I see the yarn and fall in love with it, than I think of a project, estimate the amount needed and buy (but it still may end up being part of my stash). Another thing I noticed is that I tend to knit with recently bought yarns, the chances to pick a skein from my stash are inversely proportionals with the time that the said skein spent in my stash.

The yarn is 50% cotton 50 % rayon, 145 meters/50g. I have used up a little less than 200 g. This top has a lot of stockinette, and when knitting stockinette with 3 mm needles one gets easily bored, even frustrated. That’s why I started where the st sts and the lace meets. This way I could knit top down in a round until I lost interest in it, than just took my other 3 mm circulars and picked up the stitches for the lacy part.

Although the lace motif is nice, this top needed something little extra. That’s why I decided to leave the upper back free.

To make the back stay in place I used a rubber thread:

After the challenging decreases on the lace, it was nice to go back to the periodical increases and mindless knitting. To finish, I chose this border to create a balance between the upper (lace) and lower part of the garment:

Now I wonder what to knit next. Maybe I should sew a few summer dresses before casting on for something else.




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