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Off my needles – part 2

After hibernating for at least 6 months, this top finally got those shoulder straps (seriously, why couldn’t it be done sooner?):

I have used St George’s Irena 28 and knitted from top down with 2.5 mm needles. It was quite time consuming, no wonder I lost interest in it right before the finish line (that’s just an excuse!). The yarn is 50% cotton, 50% viscose with lots of short color changes. At first it wasn’t easy to work with it because it’s composed of two treads that splits if you don’t pay attention, but practice made me overcome that problem. The fabric looks and feels good, but it’s definitely not a yarn that you can frog and reknit many times. My overall experience is rather good than bad. Having said all the info I can give you about this yarn, I offer to send the 1.5 skein (~75g) leftover to whoever wants it and leaves a comment telling so first. I know myself, when I’m done with a yarn/fabric I’m done with it, those skeins would sit in my stash forever just like the other untouched leftover skeins do, but maybe for someone else they would be interesting. It would be enough for a belt/ headband/ little accessory fingerless mitts from wrist to knuckles/ coaster or such.





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