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The first half of July I spent in Poitiers, a lovely French city. The old town has such a special atmosphere, somehow everything is vivid and peaceful at the same time. The architecture is just amazing, so many old buildings from so many different eras, and still, they are in harmony. I especially liked the medieval part and the City Hall. Oh, and the traditional macarons! And all other cookies I tried… I got the impression that they consume a lot of fish, more than other parts of France I visited. I’m a bit ashamed because of this, while there, I ate as much croissants as I could, but they are soooo delicious and you can get them only in France.

And of course I went yarn shopping! I found a lovely store close to the City Hall, called La Mercerie, full (their space is maximally used, trust me) of beautiful yarns. The saleswoman is a very nice lady, she patiently showed and explained me everything I wanted to know. They keep a box of mostly single skeins of discontinued yarns, and some other yarn that they have only one skein left, from which every skein is sold for 1 euro (good to know if you plan to visit Poitiers). That’s how I ended up with all this yarn (except the Debbie Bliss Rialto lace, that I payed the full price for):

Gedifra, Extra soft merino fino

Rowan, Purelife Revive

Gedifra, Highland Alpaca

Ornaghi Filati, Bamboo

Rowan, Summer Tweed

Plassard, Feutrée

Some of the yarn is already used up, for others I have plans. About my recent project and my new way to destash I’ll write the next time.

PS: The pattern of the cotton jersey maxi dress is finally downloadable, look between the free stuff.




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