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The week of big projects

I started this week with a big spaghetti sauce project, 15 portions of spaghetti sauce made at once for the winter to come.

It contains 15 kg of tomatoes (peeled…), 5 kg of onions (my eyes wont ever forget this), 2 kg of bell peppers, 1 kg of carrots, 90 cloves of garlic, 300 g of olives, 3 squashes and spices.
The blanket is growing slowly:

It measures 110 x 110 cm (44 x 44 in), and it’s quite frustrating that it takes ages to finish a round (4.4 m long at this point). I see why crafters prefer to make bazillion little granny squares and put them together. The other inconvenience is having a huge pile of fabric to deal with, and since it’s 40 C outside the blanket would make me pass out if I wouldn’t keep it on a table instead on my lap. This solution also helps me keep a good posture, since I tend to bend over my work.
I still don’t know how will it look like when finished, the color changes are improvised and depends on the amount of yarn I own in particular colors. Until now I have done 12 round of blue, [1 round variegated, 1 round blue] x 5, 1 round of white, 1 round of blue, 1 round of white, 12 rounds of blue, [1 round of white, 1 round of blue] x 2, 7 rounds of white. I plan to make 5 more rounds of white before the next color change.
The third big project is a vest knit from the biggest ball of yarn I ever owned:

It will be a heavily modified version of the Concordia Scarf by Sandra Dauven
We’ll see how that works out.
In other news, I seem to be the only target of all mosquitos living in the area, it drives me crazy.




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Living under the snow

Yesterday I came back from a friend (one of those great spontaneous pizza nights) and took a look at the thermometer next to the entrance door, it was -19 C (-2.2 F)! And it’s been like that in the past week or so. No wonder I knitted up the vest in such a short time. What else can be done in free time except “indoor sports” like knitting?
Partly because of the color of the yarn, partly because of my mood, I was listening Edith Piaf’s La vie en rose while knitting (by the way, she was a knitter herself) and decided to name my newest creation Edith vest since I didn’t had any better – as a matter of fact any other – idea.

This is one of those piece o’ cake knits, meant to be simple and warm. The wide cable on the back has two functions; it’s decorative and since the fabric is twice as thick there it’s also a great thermal insulation alongside the spine (which is the most sensitive part of the back). At the waist line I made a series of little holes where I will put a sateen ribbon (that I know I have but can’t find at the moment, that’s why it’s replaced temporarily with waist yarn…).
I have used a top down construction method and provisional cast on to achieve my goal and make a seamless piece. I intend to write up the pattern and offer it as a free Ravelry download as soon as I have time to do so, and of course after I managed to find the ribbon and make better pics.

Here’s a pic that shows better all the details, but the color is totally off because of the light:

I have used up approximately 350 m of 20% wool 80% synthetic aran. The yarn isn’t bad but it isn’t that good either. Well, it’s highly synthetic… What I enjoyed the most is the experience if the knot free knitting with a seemingly endless yarn in such a nice color. What I liked the least is the static electricity in my hair.



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